Miracle beauty products.

“It’s a 10” Hair Repair Creme. 

I can’t say enough about this product. Its a conditioner that instantly repairs frazzled hair, it makes colored strands smooth and shiny, it makes brassy toones cooler and ashy tones warmer and leaves your hair feeling light as air and almost like virgin hair after a good blow-out.  A little goes a long way so the tub lasts a very long time. Amazon sells it for $18.99.   

PCA Pigment Gel.

It’s okay that the days of laying out with only baby oil as “suntan lotion” are so far behind me because all I have to do is look at the spots on my skin to bring all of those sun drenched memories right back.  This gel has the highest percentage of hydroquinone (the ingredient that bleaches sun spots) on the market and works immediately.  Still you must apply it daily and be religious about sun block.  It also works on pigment issues caused by pregnancy and birth control pills.  Via www.dermstore.com for $36.  

“Fit Me” foundation by Maybelline.

Sitting next to my $126 bottle of Sisleya Foundation is this little treasure I bought at Walgreens.  It has medium coverage and a dewey finish (steer clear if you have very oily skin).  The shades are well edited and you can re-apply without build-up, like a tinted moisturizer but with more coverage. Best of all, you can test it on your skin at the store (a previous deterrent to purchasing at a drugstore).  I am really surprised by the department store quality of this product.  Drugstores, $7.00.

Clarins Magic Colour Instant Blush.

A revolutionary blush with a ‘magic’ texture that adds a dewy rosy touch to cheeks. Its glossy, slightly pink texture reacts on contact with skin and enhances the cheekbones by instantly boosting their natural glow and color. You can use it on your lips too to enhance their natural color. It looks like the blush that appears naturally, like blood under the skin.  Since you only dab a tiny bit with your ring finger the little tub will last forever.  (Que exajerada!) Department stores, $20.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.

My life-long devotion to all things YSL aside, this product is perhaps the most important make-up that was ever invented.  Next to that pink and green Maybelline mascara and an Evian spray bottle, this highlighter/concealer is the most ubiquitous item in any make-up artist’s arsenal.  Pimples, spots, lines, wrinkles, shadows – you name it.  A few clicks of the pen-like dispenser, a few swabs here and there, and your face is an even canvas.  Use it at the inner corner of eyes and under bags to give a fresh light to the area.  Department stores, $40.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.

I can’t live without this. It makes your legs glow when they’re looking a little pale.  It moisturizes like nothing else I’ve ever used. It makes your feet feel like a baby’s when you haven’t had time for a pedicure.  Its made mostly of natural ingredients and if you already have a tan, this will turn your skin a rich, golden, chocolatey brown (I forgot to bring sunblock to a beach in the Dominican Republic once and this kept me from burning – it also made me look like George Hamilton). And did I mention it smells like coconut lotion on the most delicious beach in the world?  the Body Shop, jumbo size, $25.

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  1. Vanesa says:

    I love this too! They now sell it in bigger tubs.

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