Last night was simply magical.

Because every horoscope I’ve read in the past three months has waxed poetic about March 15th as THE definite day of the year for Geminis, I decided I would make it extra special.  I dusted off my invitation to this year’s Save Venice Ball In The Grand Ballroom at The Plaza in New York City – I wasn’t going to Stay Home and Watch Another Episode of That Dreadful Real Housewives of Miami (on Bravo, Tuesdays at 10:00 P.M.)!  Nope, not this March 15th! If all of the highly-trained Internet horoscope writers and Bazaar magazine were correct (and how could they not be?), this night, so loaded with promise, would set the course for many years to come! I was sooooo excited. I slipped into the absolute creampuff of a gown Mr. Valentino’s atelier made for me (Grazie Mr. Garavani!) and coyly covered my face with the 14kt gold and moonstone mask I commissioned in Venice last summer, and I was off to the limo. “The Plaza please!”

Needless to say, the evening was everything those astute on-line astrologists (dare I say “scientists”?) predicted and more! Below is just a peek of the magic as captured by my personal photographer, Frankie Scavullo, Jr.  Enjoy!

Conrad is always a ton of laughs!

This couple was so delicious!

Alexandra's gown was gorge, if you're into beige

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